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Infoplant and your practice

This collection of dentistry marketing collateral is intended to assist you in discussing treatment plan options with your patients.

In my experience, when a patient understands the process and has a reasonable expectation of what the final restoration will look like beforehand, the entire course of treatment is much more satisfying — to the patient, the restorative dentist, and me.

It is not my goal to compare and contrast different implant systems. Cases have been selected based on what they demonstrate to our patients, not because a particular product was used or perceived to be better than another product on the market.

As dentistry continues to evolve there will be different systems and differences within existing systems, but the ultimate treatment objectives will remain the same.

Easy as 1-2-3
Infoplant Communication Services offers the most comprehensive dental education and marketing materials available today. Our approach is simple: increase dental awareness in your community while focusing on the most important aspects of building and maintaining a successful surgical practice — education and communication.

Your success is directly related to the ongoing education of your restorative referral base and patients. Similarly, the establishment of a reliable means of timely inter-office communication is vital to your ability to distinguish yourself as the premier surgical dental practice in the community. The end result: patient understanding improves, chair time decreases, and case acceptance and the number of surgical referrals increase. All components of the Infoplant System enable you to educate and communicate with your patients and restorative colleagues efficiently and effectively. This is accomplished by utilizing Infoplant’s marketing tools.

By encouraging your referring doctors to give their patients the brochures you have provided them, patients will enter their consultation appointment better educated. When the patient reaches your office, you give them the more detailed and extensive booklets. Referring doctors use the Guidebook to demonstrate concise location-specific treatment presentations, bone grafting possibilities, early and immediate loading, and indexing. Also, your use of the Guidebook reinforces the treatment plan, and helps patients to remember more, understand better, and appreciate and recognize the team approach.

Our materials are designed to appeal to the emotional trigger — building interest and excitement through true-life photos and complementing visuals. The Infoplant Communication Systems materials will save consultation time and offer you a professional edge in your marketing exposure.